The Bottom Of The Mountain

by Tea Leaves

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released November 15, 2012



all rights reserved


Tea Leaves Windsor, Ontario

The music of Brent Cusmanic, Josh Kaiser, Devin Noordermeer, & Thomas Provost

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Track Name: Scattered Shapes
The wind whipped against my face as I stood below some open space. I stared upon some scattered shapes; those patterns had me in a daze. But shit, I guess that space it was not open and I guess those shapes they were all broken and I guess that they were precisely directed to the point where I stood in the night and I died.
Track Name: Bottom Of the Mountain
I could tell you darkness, but you just want night. A sparkling little glow telling you it’s alright. We forgot our bodies at the bottom of the mountain, so when we got to the top we just flew away. While turning in the sky, I heard a voice in the back of my mind. It told me everything would be fine if I would just decide to rewind. So I went back in time. I told you everything that you missed, I told you nothing you wouldn’t believe and we made it back alive.
Track Name: Born In The Grave
I was born in the grave, in the cemetery. Once I passed through those gates, no one noticed me. I made an early start to the front of the line; I wanted to evaporate with no one beside me. Now I’m jealous of the stars, all alone in space. I’m gonna find myself a black hole and have everything erased. When I find that everything has changed and all my life is re-arranged, well maybe then I’ll slow my pace. I hope I don’t remember your face. I can’t remember your name.
Track Name: Each Day Is The Same
Well these thoughts they build up and each day is the same, I’ve had a little too much of myself as of late. And I’ll never understand how interest does fade, so easily. So speak to me in tongues and I’ll swear you’ll be missed and all of my friends claim to be atheists. But I’ve heard those friends singing songs in their sleep, of prayers that they speak and wish for faith to clearly see. And I know that they all feel sorry for me, all my love’s lost gone bad and I’ve got no divinity. All my life I’ve cried glass for these skies I can’t reach. All I’ve learned is that when tested, it’s easiest to cheat.
Track Name: Sun Spots
These leaves melt away and these trees turn to grey and everybody’s eyes look exactly same. Sniffin’ coke off of the stalls in rusty music halls and the lights of the buildings, they are all just TV screens. When the lightning has stopped and the sun wakes you up, you’ve felt out of your head in your bed all night. Now the morning has come and the drugs are long gone. There’s no reason to be clenching your teeth anymore. Your worries have fled, they’ve become obsolete. They’ve been taken away by the early morning breeze. But last night still exists, though you wish that it didn’t. There’s no use in blocking out the thoughts that you cannot get rid of.
Track Name: Static Future
Technology is annoying me so lately I’ve been singing, in the bathroom in the dark. I can’t see my reflection; I can barely hear the television. But still that subtle off-tilt calm, it makes me nervous. I’ve got five different TV sets in my house and I know that I don’t need them, but I can’t seem to part with even one. They interrupt me when I’m talking but I just can’t stop watching. When they’re off it makes my house so fucking empty. When the screen is blank, it can pass for a mirror. When the screen stays on for too long, it burns into my eyes. Now my eyes are screens and I see what I see but I can’t change the channel. Not having control can be so frustrating. When I sleep I have these visions of all this shit I’ll never need. I still can’t help but wake up wanting all of it. When I try to talk it’s mindless banter, someone is dubbing over my voice. Now when I try to sing all that can be heard is white noise. Day to day life can be so tragic because now my skin feels just like plastic. When I turn on the light and look in the mirror, all I see is static.
Track Name: Exiled
Is there any more room for me? Isn’t there some place that I can stay? Is there anywhere just hidden away? Is there someone I can talk to? Someone to get through to? Oh I seem to be confused. Was I free then, or am I free now? Where can I run off to, once my deadline has slowly passed? Through the night, through the night, you know that’s not a lot of time. Well I would prefer not to be rushed but what can I do except grab a map? Maybe one day I’ll be back. Well fuck that, probably not. I think I had better stay lost. I’ve been exiled and forgot.
Track Name: The End
Roll up the windows and lock the doors. Keep your feet on the ground and try to sleep on the floor because they’ll stain their fingers red, with the blood of our hearts. They’ll try to stare into your brain like they’ve done from the start, so hide out in the basement in the freezing cold. As you watch your breath in the air, you only hope that you are getting older. Now you gotta move your feet like we did when we were younger because they’re coming for us now and each day they’re only coming faster. They’ll take us one by one. You know they’ll sing towards the end. They will rejoice our ghosts and they will never understand, the way they turned our hearts to sand. Well I guess this is the end.